Miss Connie

  • I left the corporate world after 12 years on a buy-out and decided to stay home to care for my toddler and homeschool my teen. I was lucky enough that my first students were exceptionally bright and challenged me to teach them, rather than just watch them. Since I had been homeschooling my son, it was a natural progression for my daycare to blossom into a learning intensive environment, a school.

  • Master's degree in HR Training & Development

  • College courses in early childhood education, curriculum creation, and child development

  • 120 hour Child Development Associate training

  • All mandatory trainings including safe sleep, CPR/First-Aid, medication administration

  • Extensive additional trainings and workshops, on file for review

  • Child care since 2003

  • Mother since 1988

  • Babysitting since 1978

  • Homeschooled my children for 11 years

  • Mentor other providers

  • Extensive research into brain development

  • Extensive research into learning strategies

  • Experience with ADHD and similar issues

I love teaching! It is not only a job, it is a career and passion. I mentor other providers and have many that follow my blog, including elementary teachers.


Most of my former clients are still great friends and I keep in touch with my graduates.