A sassy turquoise and red paisley print, this baby teether has sensory stimulation all over it. From the firm, smooth texture of the wood, the crisp 100% cotton top side, the nubby texture of the 100% cotton terry on the underside, and the visual stimulation of the print  this teether not only sooths sore gums and helps those new teeth to pop through, it builds brain connections with every interaction. Sensory stimulation is what builds brain connections in the first year, and this little gem is just bursting with it. Natural wood is naturally germ fighting.


Fabrics have been pre-washed with a non-allergen detergent and pressed. The fabric is easily removed for washing. 100% cotton will wrinkle with washing. To return it to a crisp look, you will need to iron, but it is optional. Rings will naturally fight germs, but can be surface cleansed. Do not immerse wood in water.

Turquoise Paisley Bunny Ear Teething Ring

  • Remove fabric from ring for washing. Wash fabric in warm water. Tumble dry normal. 100% cotton naturally wrinkles when washed. To remove wrinkles, use a medium high iron with steam. Do not immerse wood ring in water.