Two file folder game boards with 3 games for your Thanksgiving or fall theme, good for language/literacy and math centers. The first is a 3-page ffg. The turkeys all have phonetic pictures on their tummies and are in alphabetical order left to right, top to bottom. The children will add on the upper and lowercase wings to the turkeys, working letter recognition on phonetic beginning sounds. Since they are in alphabetical order, even children who do not have their phonics down should be able to follow an alphabet strip to work through the game/center. 

The second game board is a 2-page file folder game. For the first game the children count the number of colored stripes 0-12 on the turkey and place the appropriate number and number word wings. 

The second game the children will match the color and color word wings to the turkey with the same colored stripe(s).

10 Pages

For children with limited reading ability, the games on the second game board can be combined to use the numbers and color dots wings without the words. However, I have found that even non-readers can usually accomplish these with the use of a word wall to reference. 

To make a 3-page file folder game, simply attach the additional page with clear packing tape to the second page on the back to create a hinge. It should fold within the file folder for storage.

Turkey ABC 123 file folder games

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  • Licensing is for a single user single download. If you require multiple licenses for a center, please email me.