A pumpkin matching game that can be played based upon classic turn-of-the-card or Go-Fish game play procedures. 8 game boards, cards and a call board. Not as easy as it looks. The pumpkins are only subtly different to preschoolers/kindergartners, so it take some real logic/reasoning and observation skills on their part and assessing the geometric differences between them. Transferring the numbered pumpkin visual at the bottom to the card spot above also works number recognition, number order, left-right convention, and logic/reasoning skills. If more than 8 games boards are needed, please email me and I can provide enough unique boards for a classroom at no additional cost. Game cards can also be used for sorting, classification and sequencing activities.


"On December 22, 2012, Angela U. said: Thanks. This really helped their counting and matching skills."

Pumpkin Patch Game

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