This Christmas Tree tri-fold file folder game, where the children place the matching "present" cards next to the 12 trees, can be played at a broad range of levels, ranging from the youngest children matching colors, to the older children matching shapes, angles and sides. 

A number of presents can be stacked next to the tree, and even two columns can be played if multiple skill sets are being reviewed. Otherwise, the teacher can determine the skill set(s) she wishes the children to concentrate upon and choose the appropriate present cards to play. 

Games include matching: colors, color words, shapes, color shapes, shape words, numbers, odd/even numbers, number words, dice match, odd/even words, shape side count and shape angle count.

I included a duplicate of one page, one with Merry Christmas and Jesus in the manger, and one with Happy Holidays and nut baskets instead, for anyone wishing to keep the Christian tone down.

Christmas Tree Learning file folder games

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  • Licensing is for a single user single download. If you require multiple licenses for a center, please email me.