This busy bag works fine motor skills and provides a sensory experience. Each weaving item has been selected for its unique properties to the activity. The sheer ribbon provides a more fluid material, the small ribbon provides a greater fine motor challenge, the knotted cords have to be pushed and manipulated through working finger strength and dexterity, the larger items provide a different challenge. Some items can be easily pulled out and others have to be woven back out. 


The rack is the perfect size to provide challenge without being too frustrating. The rungs are very smooth to the weaving items will not hang up them. 


This is a good quiet time and travel actcivity. The muslin bag is sturdy. Ribbons have been heat treated to prevent the ends from fraying. 


This set includes 1 rack, 10 weaving items and 1 tote bag.

Busy Bag Weaving Blue