Surprisingly challenging, this busy bag is best for older preschoolers and elementary students. The levels of challeng include:

  1. Open play with the color sticks to create designs for early preschoolers
  2. Simple design cards for preschoolers
  3. Complex design cards for older preschoolers
  4. Matching the layering on the design cards for elementary school students
  5. Looking at the design, then covering it up and trying to duplicate it from memory for older children.
  6. Having one child attempt to tell another child how to create the design card.


This activity can be used for children 3-teens.


It comes with 6 color sticks, 6 double-sided design cards and a sturdy tote bag.


This is a great quiet and travel activity. 


Skills Worked:

  • Fine motor
  • Color recognition
  • Logic/reasoning
  • Geometry
  • Visual perception




Busy Bag Color Sticks