This fun busy bag works with the 12 colors I teach. It comes with 12 color links and 12 2-sided color cards with color chips on one side and color words on the other. I've had this busy bag in my classroom for over 6 years, and it is very popular. A good activity for working Montosorri self-help/practical life skills.


 I am using premium craft felt for greater stability and durability and easier manipulation by little hands. The large, fun, colorful buttons provide some shape recognition aspect as well. Each set will have similar buttons, but not the exact same ones each time. Having buttons of different sizes and shapes provides a variety of sensory and fine motor manipulation opportunities. 


The color links can be used at three different levels of play:

  1. Alone for fine motor use by the youngest preschoolers.
  2. Older preschoolers can use the color cards. Stack the color cards upside down and the child draws one card and attaches the matching color link to the chain.
  3. A higher challenge is to ensure the link is added to the correct end for a greater level of difficulty. The cards can be laid out and the chain matched to it for self correction when completed.
  4. Elementary students can use the color words in the same manner.


This is an activity that should be relevant for 3-7 year olds. 


This is a great activity for quiet times and travel. The tote bag is a thick muslin that will hold up to being regularly carried in the car or suitcase, tossed in they toy box or stuffed into a backpack. It is small enough to be easily transported, but the items are large enough for easy manipulation.  


Works learning concepts of:

  • Color recognition
  • Color matching
  • Color names
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Self correction
  • Patterning


Choking Hazard! If the buttons are forcefully pulled off. Small parts, so not for children under 3 or those still putting things in their mouths unless under direct, focused adult supervision.


Strangulation Hazard! Any string, ribbon, or fabric longer than 6 inches can pose a strangulation hazard to very young children. Adult supervision is required. Once thie links are together, the chain is strong enough to pose a hazard.

Busy Bag Color Links