Another seemingly simply busy bag. The main aspect of this busy bag is the fine motor manipulation. The beads range in size from medium to very small, so it is challenging. The spiral is not the most stable, so it takes some gross motor skill, logic/reasoning skill, and practice for a child to fiture out how to get the bead on while keeping the spiral from losing the beads it already has on it. The set comes with beads in 3 different colors, 3 different shapes, and 3 different sizes. Sorting cards are provided, or the child can be left to figure this out on his own.


The metal comes compressed, so you'll need to pull it out to about 7 inches high. Once out, it will NOT go back. It will need to be compressed down to fit into the tote bag. Great for quiet times and travel, but needs to be played with on a tray or other containing surface. 


Choking Hazard! Small parts, so not for children under 3 or those still putting things in their mouths unless under direct, focused adult supervision.

Busy Bag Bead Spiral

  • Metal spiral, wood beads, tote bag, 9 sorting cards.