One of the things we do wrong with babies, is always giving them soft toys and soft environments. Brain development is dependent on sensory experiences and it is vital that babies be provided a variety of textures, shapes, visual stimulas, tastes and smells. This basket assists with that. The canister holds a bag of organic lavender that provides a wonderful scent. The bag inside will make a unique rattle when shaken and the smooth metal sides, ribbed lid and perforated top all provide different textures to explore. The wood pieces have curves, angles and shapes for exploration, along with some heft to work gross motor and grasp strength. The sensory balls, rattan disk and brush provide different textures. As the baby moves into the object manipulation stage, items can be stacked, the egg and balls can be placed onto the cups or ring, the small rolling pin and large stick can be used to drum on items for different tones, and the brush used against items will provide different sounds and forces. The basket is sturdy and low, making it easy for baby to put things in and out. This is a thought-out basket with inherent learning opportunities. While there are no choking hazards. the nature of the items requires close adult supervision during exploration. All items must be thoroughly assessed for any safety concerns prior to play.

Baby Heuristic Reggio Treasure Basket 1