Sensory is number one for brain building in babies and toddlers. Often, scent is overlooked. This unit includes a large stainless steel shaker, providing sensory input from the perforated top, ridged cap, and smooth sides; 6 bags of herbs and spices with very distinct and aromatic scents: rosemary, cinnamon stick, lavender, star anise, lemon balm, and sage. The herbs and lavender are harvested and processed here, 100% organic. Doubly secure through a well-sealing lid and well-tied organza bags, the herbs are of a good quantity and quality to last for a long time. If the scent fades, a simple squeeze of the bag will release more scent oils. The bags can be changed out regularly to keep your little one engaged and building those synapsises. The bag inside also produces a bit of a rattle effect, working on the cause/effect understanding.  

Baby/Toddler Sensory Scent Canister