• Bachelor and Master's degrees in Human Resources - Management, Training and Development with honors, SHRM certification passed, college course work in Early Childhood Education including curriculum development and developmental assessments, CDA hours completed

  • Created two complete business plans as final project for both degrees, currently have six different business revenue streams

  • Homeschooled my children for 18 years, child care provider since January 2003 specializing in gifted and advanced children and children of gifted parents

  • 12 years corporate experience at a Fortune 50 company [currently #11], including management, facility management, bidding of services and supplies, lease negotiations, marketing support, sales support, legal support, human resources including: training and development, OSHA regulations, worker's comp, employee complaints and legal outcomes, payroll, job descriptions, resume review and interviewing, hiring/firing, 360 review, coaching and counseling, employee surveys, collective bargaining, oversight of DOJ investigation into contract wording

  • Well experienced in mentoring providers, parents, business owners, job seekers

  • Admin an international child care marketing group 

  • Handbook/policies

  • Loose parts play

  • Reggio approach

  • Curriculum creation

  • Curriculum assessment/choice

  • Marketing plan

  • Business plan

  • Routines and schedules

  • Interviewing practice

  • Facility review

  • Behavior management

  • Employee training

  • Employee handbooks

  • Employee assessment and review

  • Facilities lay out

  • Play centers

  • Training hours

  • Is home childcare right for you and your family?

  • How to differentiate for multi-ages

  • Presenting difficult information to parents or co-workers

  • Circle time

  • Getting naptime under control

  • Getting meal time under control

  • Caring for children or families you do not like

  • Stopping problem client behaviors

  • Schema support

  • Art for all ages

  • Onboarding staff 

  • Onboarding staff to change

  • Creating a program philosophy, purpose, and mission statement

  • How to discuss with parents challenging behavior, developmental concerns, etc.

  • Dealing with a spouse or child that effects the in-home child care

Child Care Consulting

Parent Consulting

  • The C's of a good family dynamic

  • Scheduling for children

  • Behavior management

  • Discipline training and plan

  • Potty training

  • Understanding your toddler

  • Brain building for babies

  • Teaching toddlers

  • Teaching preschoolers

  • Should your kindergartner redshirt?

  • Reading tutoring

  • Kindergarten readiness tutoring 

  • Children's nutrition

  • Reducing food costs

  • Getting the wiggles out

  • Infant massage

  • How to have patience with a child that is opposite your personality

  • Handling sibling rivalry

  • Keys to natural childbirth

  • New parent 101: baby, toddler, preschooler, schoolager

  • Picking a quality child care

  • Childcare issues-should you be worried or not?

  • How to present issues/concerns to your child care provider

  • Navigating no, lying and other phases of development

  • Homeschooling your preschooler

  • Which type of child care program is best for my child and my family?

  • Language learning for infants and toddlers

  • Dialogic reading for smarter kids

  • Early math learning 

  • Best toys for learning

  • Importance of play

  • Teaching through play and movement

  • Brain building for babies

  • Parent collaboration and community

  • Fostering sharing​

  • Marketing to todays parents

  • Stealth teaching

  • Circle time done right

  • Preparing children for a future we can't imagine

  • Understanding and supporting schemas

  • Teaching so all children can learn

  • Differentiated teaching

  • Art for all ages

  • Insights into your program and staff - are we on the same page, are we on the RIGHT page

  • Balancing nutrition and costs

  • Introverts guide to dealing with extroverts and vise versa

  • Creating a competitive program for a highly competitive market

  • Teaching tech kids to play

  • The power of patterns

  • Sensory bins that teach

  • The power of provocations

  • Beyond gross motor

  • Teambuilding



All fees must be pre-paid

any overage will be refunded

Emailed simple question: FREE  www.littlestarslearning@gmail.com

Video consultation: $1/minute minimum $15 or $50/hour

In-person consultation/speaking: $75/hour for first hour, $50/hour additional, minimum 1 hour


In-person local new provider facility review: $40/hour, minimum 1 hour

Trainings: $10/hour/person via video, self-paced or at my facility,  additional $50 fee for off-site groups 

                     minimum 5 persons for video and facility trainings, 8 for off-site

Travel expenses may apply for locations over 25 miles from the greater Kansas City area